We partnered with Olivia Lopez, the travel writer, multidisciplinary créatrice and author of Lust for Los Angeles, to create a visual journey in pants. A strong proponent of less is more, Olivia was the perfect person to show us how a simple pair of pants can provide pure escape and create transporting moments at home.

We’re excited to share our visual story with you.

Pt. 1 - Time to Yourself

More than a year into the pandemic, any more time spent at home can feel interminable. But there are ways to make time at home special, transporting and restful.

Olivia shared from her experience how she spent her time at home this year: “It's easy to lose yourself in the routines of daily life, so for me, carving time out for exploration made routine moments much more memorable. I took a lot of morning walks, explored new recipes, and armchair traveled through podcasts and magazines which inspired feelings of leisure and 'holiday at home.'"

Olivia is wearing the DIANA pants in Beige. Shop the pants HERE.